You are an expat?
Important private or professional issues in your life need attention?
Decisions have to be made?

Stop struggling on your own to find your answers!
Go confidently your own way!
Experience real support!

You are an expat?
Important private or professional issues in your life need attention?
Decisions have to be made?

Stop struggling on your own to find your answers!
Go again confidently your own way!
Feel real support!

With almost 20 years of working with expats allow me to support you!

The time that you have to do all by yourself is over!

I bring you in contact with your best solution and decision NOW!

This is what you will get: 

clarity in challenging situations
knowing what your thing is!
To feel genuinely supported
The Strength and the power to implement your decision!
to live your life with much more ease!
To feel great inspirations!
To be finally happy and fulfilled again!

More reasons why my approach is not only encouraging and energizing but also highly effective  

No standard program, but a highly professional, to your needs and personal challenge tailormade program. Your course is uniquely designed for you!
Individual support and contemporaneous staying timely independent! You do the especially for you prepared exercises and tasks whenever you make time.
small time investment by using highly effective and proven methods. Quality and Continuity mark the success of this program - not the Quantity of offered work!
through daily contact you feel truly heard and strengthened.
You stay in contact with yourself, your process and what is good for you!
while you implement your goals, you benefit from an encouraging partner in your process.
No more lonely struggles!


The duration of our working together are 3, 6 or 9 month!

Participants voices

Gilad Milo, Musician & former Head of Business Development for Amiran Kenya

Kerstin Sommer, Unit Leader of UN Habitat

Rebekka Bernhold, Senior Grants Manager at American Refugee Committee

Stefania, Programme Officer

Who is Karin Masnicza-Etarukot?

Karin Masnicza-Etarukot, has rich management and life experience in 32 years of having been an expat herself. At the age of 27 she was the hotel manager of an internationally known hotel and founded various successful companies in different countries. She always surprises with her courage and her decision-making power.

As an expat, your own life path shows that everything is possible if you have the right contact with yourself. Karin combines this with her highly effective coaching approaches. In the more than 13 years in Nairobi, the home of the UN and many  NGO’s, she specialized in supporting expats in professional and personal challenges and foremost in making important life decisions. Through a unique personal program she helps her participants to (re)develop a strong, authentic self-confidence and thereby to make brilliant decisions with more ease. To feel again  the courage and inspiration to lead the life that really fits, is fun and fulfilling.

Karin has many years of first-class training and more than 20 years of experience working with people of different nationalities and cultures. Over the years, she has developed her own approaches and helps the participants in her programs realize their potential in an ingenious way. Her  programs are inspired by her own rich live path of having worked in foreign countries for  good 32 years and of course  the many successes of her participants.

Her approach is unconventional and highly effective. The fusion of qualities of fundamentally different approaches to life and their practical relevance make working with Karin a very special experience that irrevocably leaves its mark in all areas of your life.


With her online programs, she shows us that it is possible to make AND implement important life decisions in a relaxed manner!

Her ultimate goal  for her participants is, to live their lives courageously, authentically, successfully and, above all, with ease.

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